Monthly Archives: March 2009

Message from the President

Hello to all.

I guess it’s that time again for our newsletter. Boy has time flown by. I hope everyone has survived the winder intact and well. I know the flu bug has probably bitten everyone. Some more than once. Now that the weather is starting to get warmer it’s time to dust off the MVs and get them ready for the start of the season. Don’t forget to check all the fluids and tires. It’s easy to put it off until you need it then find out something is wrong.

We have a few things coming up soon and Marilyn has started her list. I’m sure most knwo that we aren’t meeting at the KAM anymore and have moved our meetings, for the time being, to the lovely home of the Cross’s. I speak for all when I say how much we appreciate their generosity and the coffee. I also want to thank those who have brought treats to the meetings and contributed to my increasing waist line. Thanks again. We are still looking for a place that is centrally located that we can meet so if someone has any ideas please let us know.

We’ve decided not to have a rally this year and just plan a trail drive and camp out at Eureka, Kansas. Something different to try. Also now is the time to let Marilyn know about any parades, shows, etc. Can’t make them all, but if we know about them we’ll put them on the list and try.

Dave Billings
MKMVPA President

Spring Shackle Kits for M38A1

Two (2) new spring shackle kits for M38A1. I got these from RAPCO Parts for $18 each and will sell for $15 each.

Two (2) used spring shackle kits for M38A1. I got these from RAPCO Parts for $18 each but they were the wrong ones for an M38A1D. I had them on the vehicle for about two months. I will take $10 for both or $5 each.

Lowell May, 785-485-2180

Canvas for MV

I just thought I would pass this on if anyone is looking to save money on canvas for their MV.

A good friend called around to get canvas for his M3A1 scout car he just finished. Beechwood qouted him over $4,000 for the canvas only, for his top. He called other suppliers and found one that is doing it for under $1,500 including freight.

I am restoring a ’42 GPW jeep and was going to buy the top from Surplus City Jeeps in California. I had bought my M38 top from them and it was excellent, instock and at a good price (much cheaper than Beechwood). They had the top instock for the GPW and the cost was $265. But I contacted this other company that my friend used. They quoted me $206! As substantial savings. I have contacted them several time to make sure I understood everything, weight of canvas, color, stenciling, straps, snaps, etc…. and I am ordering it from them. The company is They are in England but the prices, including freight, are very fair.

I would encourage you to check them on any of your canvas needs.

Jerry Gardner
MVPA member
Tyler, TX

1942 Burma Jeep

For Sale or Trade: 1942 Burma Jeep

This is a 1942 Burma Jeep showing 22,000 miles, which is probably
correct. All gauges clean, no rust except lower wind shield frame,
all plaques are on truck, pack rats chewed all wire and belts on
motor, still blue paint on motor, full of oil, only alteration I can
see is the bed has been widened. $4000 or TRADE.

Contact Bill Payne, Dardanelle, AR
Business 479.229.4764
Home 479.229.3173
Mobile 479.964.9613