Monthly Archives: September 2014

Eureka Trails

Every year our Mid-Kansas MVPA, go on a trail ride in either the Flint Hills or at the Fall River in Eureka, Ks. We usually have a great day, weather-wise and fun-wise.  This year there were several vehicle malfunctions so some of us got together anyway. Beautiful countryside and some practice shooting.

Arkansas Rally at Petit Jean

Wow, what a wonderful time in Arkansas. Too many pictures to show. We went a day early to see the sights, such as petting zoo, petit jean overlook, trail walk and just relax on the front porch. The Arkansas Travelers MVPA, had a driver’s course for the young people. They received certificates and can take the advanced course next year. The rail rides were beautiful with eleven vehicles. The food was marvelous and friendships abound. We had the award ceremony for vehicles along with praises for our cooks and volunteers.
We are looking forward to next year’s activities.