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AM Legion Parade in Oberlin

Some pics of our Vet Parade, Oberlin, KS. I hope the file is not too large. We left home on Sat, 12 Nov for TX. Today we are at The Joint Army & Air Force San Antonio, TX, RV & Rec Area at Canyon Lake, TX.

Temp about 70 deg with nice light rain.

To all the Gang: Have a good winter, where ever you are.

Gary ‘Pops’ Allen

2011 Veterans Parade with MKMVPA

2011 Veterans Day Parade

We had a lot of fun at the 2011 Veterans Parade downtown Wichita, this morning. Was proud of our MKMVPA members, bringing out their military vehicles in the cold and wind. We had 6 vehicles and the bomb grill in tow. The Cross’ 2 vehicles, Lynne, Smith’s, Lundy’s, and the Nestleroad’s, but we also had 12 other friends with us. So that’s 22 people riding in our vehicle’s.

Thanks to all for participating for the Veteran’s.