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Red Ball Express through the Ozarks

Here is a picture of all the vehicles and people that went on the Red
Ballin Through the Ozark’s this year.

Remembering Bob Warren

Bob Warren

Bob Warren

Today was Bob Warren’s birthday and Diane wanted me to send everyone some familiar pictures of Bob on his day. Diane is in our Nations Capital today, which seems quite fitting for Bob, and it is her Mother’s birthday also.

Have a great day, Diane.

All Wheels Show

What a day! The weather was beautiful and so many cars and people. We arrived around 9:30 am with our daughter and son-in-law and Decker’s came shortly after. There were already a lot of cars but they really started showing up around 10. Decker’s provided us with much needed shade and bringing the ‘Bomb Grill’ was a real good idea. We had so many people ask about it and watch Jason cook hamburgers. Also got some looks coming to Afton. We handed out several brochures and answered many questions about our vehicles. Wish we had more there but, hey, we had as many lookers as the shiny colorful ones!

Not enough members to have a meeting but Marilyn showed us what the t-shirts looked like. Larry Tholen came by and we went down to see his Studebaker Club and vehicles.

More on the show in our newsletter.

Judy and Gary

M38A1 Willys Jeep For Sale

YEAR: 1953
V.I.N. 53-32782
MILEAGE: 41,059 (Original)
ASKING PRICE: $15,500 Cdn. Dollars

REMARKS: This Antique Military Vehicle has been Maintained in its Original Configuration to Represent a Period in History. All of the hard to find Fittings have been located and installed to complete this look. It is stored in a Carpeted Garage and driven only on Special Occasions.

Complete Description, Specifications, and Photos most available upon request.

Contact: Ken Barratt
Phone: 905-852-9400 (Residence)

Events to Remember

This week-end will be busy. Saturday, 13th by 11 a.m. we will want to go to Diane Warren’s house to help her sell and clean-up surplus. Bring a side dish and lawn chairs for lunch. Diane is providing the meat for sandwiches and also drinks. If you need directions please e-mail at

Also, Sunday the 14th is the All Wheels Car show at Lake Afton. We need to be there before 9 a.m. We are going to bring the Bomb Grill, so if you want to bring something to grill please feel free to do that. It’s a fun event would like to have as many vehicles there as possible.


Heartland Military Days

Here are pictures of the event in Topeka today, Heartland Military Days,
put on by the Topeka Rolling Thunder Chapter of the MVPA.

We had a great time after Richard and passenger, Jason, had to have
Richard’s bus repaired. It about came loose from the trailer as they were about a mile from the base, so luckily they found a repair place close and they welded and fixed it at around 6 p.m. Friday. It could have been a lot worse as the trailer and ambulance could have turned over on the highway.

Jim Lynne and his passenger, Roger arrived around 8:30 am and enjoyed the other vehicles and the windy but pretty day. Had a little rain early and then the sun came out. At noon we all had lunch in the National Guard Museum, which was a great display. The WWII re-enactors put on a show that looked so real.

It was a fun trip – Judy and Gary.