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Membership Dues

Last call for your MKMVPA dues in March. You need to get your yearly dues of $12.00 per person in to Kendall or me so you can get emails on events and minutes and also to be sent the newsletter.

Also, keep your International dues up, so you won’t have to pay at the door at the convention in Topeka in July. You will also get two subscriptions to military magazines. There address is MVPA HQ, Box 520378, Independence, MO 64052.

~ Judy

Inventory at the KMMH

Update of our inventory at the Kansas Museum of Military History: We received an e-mail from the Museum Board requesting MKMVPA to remove all property that is being stored in the container at the museum, except for the tents, which will be picked up by the original owner. We have 45 days to have it removed.

Thanks to Jim Lynne, Jason Smith and Ron Decker, for taking their trailers and pickup’s to Augusta this morning and picking up all the inventory and the bomb trailer and hauling it to Jason’s for storage. The bomb trailer is being stored in Smith’s back yard, awaiting a work day, with the bomb grill (under cover) and the other part of the inventory is stored in Jason’s Mother’s garage with other military trailers.

We enjoyed displaying our vehicles at the Big Boy’s Toy Show today. While Jim, Jason, and Ron were working, Gary, Judy, and Marilyn stayed with the vehicles until they arrived.

All in all we got a lot accomplished.

~ Judy Cross

Nominations for Officers

The following officer positions will be open for election: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Please notify either myself or the Secretary, Judy Cross, on positions you are interested in serving. You may be a candidate for more than one office but may not hold more than one office. Whatever position you are elected to first will be the one that you are appointed to. Your candidacy for any other office will then be vacated. You may also request to be considered for re-election if you are currently serving as an officer. Elections shall be conducted by secret ballot at the next club meeting in February. You may vote in person or designate a proxy by email or in writing or request an absentee ballot.

Dave Billings – President

Arkalalah Parade

The Arkalalah parade will be on October 31st, and we are to line up at 1 PM at the VFW on North Summit Street. Please let me know if you are going to bring a vehicle.

Also, we have 8 vehicles lined up for the Veterans parade on November 7th.

Our next club meeting will be November 21st, Saturday at 9 AM at the Cross’ house, 1421 N. St. Clair. Sweets will be served.


2010 Convention

Guess what. The 2010 convention is going to be in Topeka, Kansas. The Colorado convention has been canceled. The Topeka Chapter was asked to host the convention instead. That is great news!

May and June Club Meetings

Don’t forget!!! We won’t have a meeting this Saturday because of Mother’s Day week-end and River Festival. We were suppose to have the meeting at the Eureka Trail, but as you know that was cancelled for now.

Our next meeting will be at the Lake Afton Car Show on Sunday, June 14th. Hopefully we will have the Bomb Grill there to cook and a lot of Military Vehicles show up for display.


Message from the President

Hello to all.

I guess it’s that time again for our newsletter. Boy has time flown by. I hope everyone has survived the winder intact and well. I know the flu bug has probably bitten everyone. Some more than once. Now that the weather is starting to get warmer it’s time to dust off the MVs and get them ready for the start of the season. Don’t forget to check all the fluids and tires. It’s easy to put it off until you need it then find out something is wrong.

We have a few things coming up soon and Marilyn has started her list. I’m sure most knwo that we aren’t meeting at the KAM anymore and have moved our meetings, for the time being, to the lovely home of the Cross’s. I speak for all when I say how much we appreciate their generosity and the coffee. I also want to thank those who have brought treats to the meetings and contributed to my increasing waist line. Thanks again. We are still looking for a place that is centrally located that we can meet so if someone has any ideas please let us know.

We’ve decided not to have a rally this year and just plan a trail drive and camp out at Eureka, Kansas. Something different to try. Also now is the time to let Marilyn know about any parades, shows, etc. Can’t make them all, but if we know about them we’ll put them on the list and try.

Dave Billings
MKMVPA President