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Resthaven, Memorial Day 2009

Here are pictures of our display at Resthaven Cemetery today. The weather was good and we had 11 members and 5 vehicles present. There was a flyover and then Brig. Gen. Susan Helms gave the presentation about being an astronaut. The music and other speakers were great. Afterwards we ate at the Sonic on Maple. ~ Judy

Peabody Parade

Here are some pictures of the Peabody event. We had four vehicles plus great displays by the Deckers, Goldbergs and McBeaths. Greg Hoopes brought his jeep and we got to ride with him. Ron Decker took along a friend in uniform that he could still wear from the
service as Marilyn walked around taking pictures of the parade. The
WWII reenactors shot blanks and gave a great show for everyone.

After the parade we all went to the park where they served cold drinks and finger foods and the band played. The “Doc” people were there with the original engine that they just recently got started. Boy it smoked and could be heard all over. At 6 pm, they served food in a tent. That was great. The weather couldn’t have been better and it was fun to talk to other members and new friends. We are anxious to go again next year. They were real appreciative to us for coming.


2010 Convention

Guess what. The 2010 convention is going to be in Topeka, Kansas. The Colorado convention has been canceled. The Topeka Chapter was asked to host the convention instead. That is great news!

Events Reminders

The Peabody, Kansas parade and display will be this Saturday, the 23rd, at 4:00 PM.

The Resthaven Memorial Day display is Monday, the 25th, and we should be there between 9:30 and 10:00 AM. Hope to see a lot of vehicles there.

McPherson Parade

Gary and I went to the McPherson parade this morning and had a great time. All the schools closed for this and the schools from each town in the county marched in the parade or had a float. Gary McBeath and his deuce represented our club with a few riders. The parade lasted about an hour and half. Beautiful weather for it too.


May and June Club Meetings

Don’t forget!!! We won’t have a meeting this Saturday because of Mother’s Day week-end and River Festival. We were suppose to have the meeting at the Eureka Trail, but as you know that was cancelled for now.

Our next meeting will be at the Lake Afton Car Show on Sunday, June 14th. Hopefully we will have the Bomb Grill there to cook and a lot of Military Vehicles show up for display.


Vietnam Era Items For Sale

Following items know for sale, offer: Vietnam era butt pack w poncho, web belt, older WW II – Korea folding shovel w cover, plastic green canteen w canvas case ( no cup ), maschettie w canvas case has a Marine bull dog imprint on it, end of handle reads made in Japan, this items belong to a Marine who was in Nam. OFFER for group and each piece offer $ item.

Richard Goldberg