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1942 Dates Willy’s Jeep Texas Titled




Excellent condition 1942 dated Willys jeep. Starts, charges, drives very well. Turn key, ready to drive and enjoy jeep.

It has very good military NDT tires. Has a summer Beachwood canvas top, all top bows, new seat cushions, pioneer tools, rear seat, etc.

The body on this rig is about as near to perfect as one would find, never having any filler, dent or panel replacement.

Its actually one of the rebuilt hotchkiss/WW2 models imported years ago, and it carries a 42 dated TEXAS tile with it. However, the jeep looks IDENTICAL to an early ww2 model in all respects.

For those not in the know, after ww2, Willy of France (WOF) took many used and abused ww2 model jeeps and put them thru a rebuild process where as they reinforced the frames, added new bodies, and rebuilt all components and added 24 volt systems to them. Basically they upgraded the 40’s technology to (at the time) more modern 24 volts, etc. In fact, mine still has the original frame zinc tag in place proving its a original willys jeep frame.

Included would be a pedestal, side step MG mount complete with yoke and pins, as well as a dummy 30 cal browning MG. This MG is alone worth 800-900 dollars, as its a demill, all internals function, handle cocks, engages, etc. I will even throw in a foot or so of WW2 dated dummy 30 cal ammo and a 30 call ammo box for show to the new owner.

Price for this turn key, ready to drive and enjoy jeep is only $10,500.
If you do the math, taking the 800-900 dollar gun and 300-400 dollar
mount and all, one is buying the jeep itself for around only 9K.

NOTE** the pictures I haver attached are a bit old, not showing the shovel and axe, or the new canvas cushions or top. They are NOW on the jeep.

If anyone is serious, I can take more pictures. It’s currently garaged at
my cabin in Oklahoma. Tags still TEXAS, as is title and registration.

Dave Austin

McBeaths Overseas

These are addresses for Gary and Mary McBeath’s sons over seas if you would like to send cards:

LCPL McBeath, Courtney L.
CLB 5 Co. Det 1 Unit 42236
FPO AP 96426-2236

LCPL Hammar, Nathaniel L.
MWSS 273 MTOPS Unit 78555
FPO AE 09502-855

Club Christmas Dinner

What a great time we had at our Christmas dinner at the Hometown Buffet. 20 people showed up and we enjoyed talking and eating. Thanks to everyone for coming.

Also, if anyone has an advertisement, a need for parts or vehicles or has something they would like to share, please send it to me for the January newsletter. I will be sending it out in December, so will need your input by Christmas.


Christmas Dinner Announcement

Don’t forget our MKMVPA Christmas Dinner this Saturday, December 13th at 6:30 PM at Hometown Buffet, 6820 W. Central in Wichita.