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Hummer Wheels — SOLD!

16.5 Hummer Wheels with the run flat option — all 4 for $150
Don Weston, 620-200-1010

Jeep Wheels — SOLD

16″ Jeep Wheels, $20 each.
Don Weston

Bob Warren Memorial

Several of our members and Bob’s friends and family, supportive of Diane, attended a memorial ceremony at the McConnell AFB on Friday, honoring Bob’s military service for his country. It was very moving and impressive on a beautiful day. A memorial was put in place on the walkway honoring servicemen that served at McConnell.

We want to thank Diane for inviting us. As soon as pictures are available, they will be sent out.

Judy and Gary Cross

In the May 26 Issue of Army Times

Huey in Army Times

Photos from the Parade in Augusta and KMMH Open House

KMMH 011

KMMH 009

KMMH 008

KMMH 006

KMMH 017

KMMH 015

Gary McBeath

KMMH 024

KMMH 038

KMMH 037

KMMH 046

KMMH 044

KMMH 043

KMMH 042

KMMH 041

Dave Brubaker

Bob Wilson on Kilroy

Dave Billings, MKMVPA President

KMMH 052

KMMH 051

Vehicle Line Up


KMMH 062

KMMH 077

KMMH 076


KMMH 088

KMMH 119

KMMH 123

KMMH 125

KMMH 134

KMMH 135

Many more pictures here

Augusta Parade and Show

I want to thank all the members that made it to the Augusta show Saturday. The event was well attended by the public and the parade was a big success. Steve Canaby had the flight simulator going and was very popular, as always. Brad Wise and crew did a top notch job on the museum and displays. Dave Brubaker and cronies (i.e. Brian and Ching) had a great firepower display, even if the equipment didn’t always cooperate. Bob Wilson had a big smile on his face most of the time at the controls of the M-5 tractor. Gary Mcbeath was caught napping next to his deuce. Too much excitement, I guess. John Beriens had a color guard for the parade. Yours truly, teamed up with Clyde with our WWII display. There was a lot more going on so I can’t cover it all. Fantastic time and ready for next year. I’m sorry we did not have our meeting Saturday. Everyone was busy the whole time and never was able to get it worked in.

Dave Billings

Business Card Design Contest

We are wanting to get our MKMVPA business cards made, so we can hand them out at our events or to people that are interested in military vehicles. We are wanting all of you to send in a design with our logo and the national logo on it and with our P.O Box and web site. The officers will select the winner. Be creative.

NOTE: Deadline for submissions is August 1, 2008.