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Election Reminder

Please don’t forget to send in your marked ballot before Friday the 8th of February if you are not coming to the February 9th meeting. If you have any nominations, write them in.

Hope to see you at our meeting and stay for our chili lunch.


Can anybody identify this vehicle?

Unidentified Vehicle

Chili Lunch on February 9th

Brenda, Diane and Judy are bringing chili and Dave Billings is bringing the bowls and cups, but we still need: crackers and cheese, fruit bowl, and drinks. Please let Judy know if you can provide one of these.

Public Battle at Forbes Field

Mark your calendar. The Topeka Chapter of the MVPA “Rolling Thunder” has started planning the Public Battle at Forbes Field on Saturday, June 7, 2008. The plan is similar to last year with battles at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. There will be an area for displays. Camping is allowed on Friday night. Dinner will be provided by the MVPA. We are working on getting the battlefield expanded to add some flavor to the same old, same old. I have heard the Newton battle is not happening this year. So bring yourself or your unit to Topeka.


Duece n Half For Sale

Duece n Half

Andy Jones has a deuce and half that he drove to the June 2007 convention in Little Rock for sale for $6,000. It is fully restored and runs well.

Please contact Andy at (501) 215-0666 or send an email to

Election Party

At our next meeting on February 9th, we are having a chili lunch after our election of officers.

We need someone to bring:

  • Crackers and shredded cheese
  • Bowls and spoons/forks
  • Fruit bowl
  • Drinks

Please send Judy an email to sign up for one of these items. Thanks! Hope to see you all there!

Club Officer Elections

Hi, everyone! It’s election time. Voting will be held at the next club meeting on February 9th. For those who are unable to attend, absentee ballots are available. Please print the absentee ballot, mark your preference, and mail it to:

PO BOX 16513
Wichita, KS 67216

NOTE: The ballot must be placed in a sealed envelope marked ‘BALLOT’ and placed in another envelope for mailing. This is to ensure that the votes are not read or revealed until the next club meeting. Thank you for your cooperation.

Meeting Minutes

Mid-Kansas MVPA
Meeting Minutes – January 12, 2008

Present: Judy and Gary Cross, Richard Goldberg, Dave Billings, Marilyn Decker, Gary and Mary McBeath, Jim Lynne, Clark Brubaker, David Brubaker, Bob Wilson, Bland Mellette, Bill Morris, Jim Christy, Kendell Lundy, Brenda Loper and Roger Klingman.

Pledge of Allegiance and prayer was led by Dave Brubaker and the meeting was called to order by Richard Goldberg at 9:15 a.m.

Judy Cross read the minutes of the last meeting and Brenda made a motion and Roger Klingman seconded to accept the minutes. The minutes were approved by the members.

Brenda Loper gave the Treasure’s report. Dave Brubaker moved and Jim Lynne seconded to accept the Treasure’s report. The Treasure’s was approved by the members.

New Business:
Richard opened the nominations from the floor for President and Dave Brubaker nominated Dave Billings. Judy Cross nominated Richard Goldberg for President. Richard opened the nominations from the floor for Vice President and Bob Wilson nominated Gary McBeath. Marilyn Decker nominated Gary Cross for Vice President. Richard opened the nominations from the floor for Secretary and Marilyn Decker nominated Judy Cross for Secretary. Richard opened the nominations from the floor for Treasurer and Marilyn Decker nominated Brenda Loper for Treasurer. The absentee ballot will be on our web-site to print and send in, or you can ask one to be sent to you. Voting will take place at our next meeting in February.

We discussed getting an Event Coordinator or at least a volunteer to call and find out dates of events to put on our calendar. Marilyn Decker was suggested and she said she would volunteer with someone or all of us to help. We discussed getting a Rally date set for this year and tentatively it will be the first week-end of October. Bill Morris mentioned having it in the early part of the year, but from experience, there were too many other events conflicting. Our rally will be one day this year and tentatively at the Aviation Museum.

We discussed our dues that are due February 1st and Dave Billings mentioned that we should raise them to $15.00 for initial membership and $12.00 for additional family members. It’s up for discussion.

Old Business:
The Big Boys Toy Show didn’t work for the MKMVPA this year because the person that was running the show never called back with answers about time and position of vehicles. By the time he called, it was too late to get anyone to participate.

Brenda reported on letters that she got back from two different people from the IRS concerning our 1024 form for sales tax that we submitted. Evidently the three people didn’t communicate with each other, so they thought we hadn’t sent in Articles of Incorporation and By-laws and money. She has called the main women but has not heard back from her. Discussion followed about the 501.3c.

Other Business:
Bill Morris brought in a component for the Soviet radio truck. He had it all set up and showed us how it worked. He mentioned whomever would want could bring in something to show or discuss with the members each meeting.

Bob Wilson and Dave Brubaker told us that they are leaving the Kansas Aviation Museum and giving up their keys. Teresa Day, the Director, will most likely be leaving the last of February. Discussion followed about having our meetings at either Augusta, VFW or our own homes. Brenda mentioned that we could go to the members towns instead of having it in the same place each time. In a week or so, we will talk with the KAM and see if they are still interested in us staying at the museum or giving us a key for the meetings.

Kendall Lundy talked about the magazines and books that Diane Warren donated to the club and wanted to know if we wanted any to either check out or buy for a donation. He brought them in also with some photos that he had put together of our vehicles with descriptions just through 1985. He talked to LeRoy Burgess and LeRoy gave him two large albums of pictures from his collection. If anyone wants to look at these, Kendall is our Historian/Librarian. Thanks to Kendall.

We adjourned at 10:45 a.m. to Walt’s hamburgers.