Monthly Archives: July 2007

New Masthead Unveiled

The masthead (web site banner image) for August is a photo taken during the MVPA Convention in Little Rock in June. Please keep the submissions coming. Send entries to Click here to view past (and future) mastheads.

August 11 Cook Out

There will be a cook out held after the monthly club meeting at the Kansas Aviation Museum on Saturday, August 11, at 9:00 AM.

The hamburger fry will commence after the club meeting. Judy and Gary Cross will furnish the hamburgers and buns. We also need garnishments such as ketchup, mustard, pickles, tomatoes, etc. Others may bring beans, potato chips, salad, drinks, or other items not already listed. Dave Brubaker will bring the bomber grill to the cook out venue.

Please inform Judy and Gary if you will be attending and what items you will be bringing. Let’s all have some fun and good eating. Thanks!

2007 National MVPA Convention

The following is a time lapse video of this year’s national MVPA convention.

Dave’s Account of the El Dorado Vietnam Reunion

Gary McBeath was there with his deuce and a half and Bob Warren was there for a while with his jeep. That was it.

The Augusta museum brought the Huey helicopter and a deuce and a half.

The presentation by the Last Patrol went real well. We got a standing ovation and a lot of compliments afterwards. We all got the encouragement we needed to keep on trying harder. Regretably the camera did not work, so we are trying to find folks who will share pictures. Please contact Dave Brubaker if you have photos to share.

For Sale: 1967 M52 A2

1967 M52 A2

1967 M52 A2 with winch; rebuilt multi fuel engine with 200 miles on it; hard top and heater; tires are in good shape; $5,500. Contact Clayton Jones, Petit Jean Mt., AR 501-428-1285.

1968 Kaiser Jeep 1-1/4 Ton 4×4 M725 Ambulance

This vehicle was a daily driver up to less than 2 yrs ago. It has all new brake system, less than 30K miles, original engine and all stock 24 volt. Very minor rust, no dents or bad scratches, fair ND military tires with spare. Still painted original Army OD under the hood. Inside of cab and rear area is painted White.

All data plates. All original interior seats, front and rear. No litter racks. This vehicle was used by a Colorado county rescue team for non-emergency transportation. No red Lights or siren. Missing right front tow hook and black out drive light and bracket for left front hood.

Known possible defects: charge the 2 batteries, check points, condenser, clean spark plugs, add fresh fuel and carb cleaner.

Needs new OD paint and all military ambulance markings.

The asking price is $5,200. Please contact Col. Gary Allen at 785-475-3461 if interested.

M725 Ambulance

M725 Ambulance

MKMVPA Bottle Holders

MKMVPA Bottle Holder

We are offering ‘bottle holders’ with the MKMVPA and web site on them. The holders hold one bottle and go into your pocket, purse or belt so you can have a cool drink with you at all times.

You will receive one bottle holder for each $2.00 donation made to the club. Please contact Marilyn or Ron Decker or Judy and Gary Cross to purchase yours today!