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Arkalalah Parade

The Arkalalah parade in Ark City will be on Saturday the 25th of October. Please be at the VFW parking lot, where the howitzer is on the North end of town, East side, at 12 noon and then we will convoy to the parade site. After the parade we will drop off at the back of Billings Plumbing shop for hamburgers and hot dogs. Hope to see a lot of vehicles and members.

A Word from Our President

Hi to all. Whew!! We just completed our 6th annual rally and although it was a little smaller than previous years, I feel that it was a big success. Next year, we need more input from the membership to make it bigger and better. A lot of work goes into this project and the more help we get, the better. New ideas will help. Our expenses for the club were less this time and we earned around $250, but the personal expenses for all the members and spouses who were involved went up greatly this year. We need to get some input on how we can possibly reduce personal expenses but continue to grow the rally.

A big thank you goes to Lon Smith, KAM director and staff, GI Rose Surplus Store for the PA system, McConnell Air Force Honor Guard, Kansas Museum of Military History for the Huey display, and JJ’s Snack Shop for the good groceries. Personally, I want to thank Jim Lynne for the fine job of emcee; Dave Brubaker for the PA connections; Steve Canaby and Brad Wise for helping deliver the Huey; Gary, Judy and David Cross, and Jason and Sharon Smith for all their running around; Ron and Marilyn Decker, Chuck and Brenda Loeper, Jim Christy, Kendall Lundy and family for their help in setting up and tearing down; Richard and Diane Goldberg for their great display and help; Bill Morris and the rest of the members that took time to help set up a display or bring a vehicle. I also want to thank Diane Warren for keeping our thoughts and memories of Bob and their involvement in this club for the past years. We miss him. I hope I haven’t left anybody out. If I did, thump me in the forehead and I’ll mention you next time. And if you don’t hit me too hard, I might buy you a Walt’s burger.

Dave Billings
MKMVPA President

Pictures from the Conway Springs Parade