Canvas for MV

I just thought I would pass this on if anyone is looking to save money on canvas for their MV.

A good friend called around to get canvas for his M3A1 scout car he just finished. Beechwood qouted him over $4,000 for the canvas only, for his top. He called other suppliers and found one that is doing it for under $1,500 including freight.

I am restoring a ’42 GPW jeep and was going to buy the top from Surplus City Jeeps in California. I had bought my M38 top from them and it was excellent, instock and at a good price (much cheaper than Beechwood). They had the top instock for the GPW and the cost was $265. But I contacted this other company that my friend used. They quoted me $206! As substantial savings. I have contacted them several time to make sure I understood everything, weight of canvas, color, stenciling, straps, snaps, etc…. and I am ordering it from them. The company is They are in England but the prices, including freight, are very fair.

I would encourage you to check them on any of your canvas needs.

Jerry Gardner
MVPA member
Tyler, TX

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