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Canvas for MV

I just thought I would pass this on if anyone is looking to save money on canvas for their MV.

A good friend called around to get canvas for his M3A1 scout car he just finished. Beechwood qouted him over $4,000 for the canvas only, for his top. He called other suppliers and found one that is doing it for under $1,500 including freight.

I am restoring a ’42 GPW jeep and was going to buy the top from Surplus City Jeeps in California. I had bought my M38 top from them and it was excellent, instock and at a good price (much cheaper than Beechwood). They had the top instock for the GPW and the cost was $265. But I contacted this other company that my friend used. They quoted me $206! As substantial savings. I have contacted them several time to make sure I understood everything, weight of canvas, color, stenciling, straps, snaps, etc…. and I am ordering it from them. The company is They are in England but the prices, including freight, are very fair.

I would encourage you to check them on any of your canvas needs.

Jerry Gardner
MVPA member
Tyler, TX


Fun in the St. Louis’ Snow

Fun in the St. Louis snow!

Fun in the St. Louis snow!

Fun in the St. Louis snow!

Fun in the St. Louis snow!

Fun in the St. Louis snow!

Fun in the St. Louis snow!

Fun in the St. Louis snow!

Fun in the St. Louis snow!

Photos by Keith Moore, member of the Mid-America Chapter of MVPA.

In the May 26 Issue of Army Times

Huey in Army Times

Member Needs a Wheel

I am looking for a wheel for my M38A1. When I took the spare off the rim was rusted too bad to use, also the hole for the valve stem was about twice the size it should be.

Lowell May

Military Veterans License Plates

For any of you who have served the military during any of the following wars you are eligible to obtain a license plate with the designation of “Vietnam Veteran” for a fee of $4.75 and annual renewal of that tag for $3.75. You must present your DD214 form with the dates of service and your current registration for the vehicle you wish to license.

The eligible wars are:
World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Gulf War 1991
Desert Storm
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Any other Iraqi engagement there has been

Remember you must have a DD214. If your renewal is not due, I think you can get a rebate on the remaining time left on your current registration.