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New Club Librarian

Kendall Lundy is now our MKMVPA Librarian. He has all the magazines and books that were donated by Diane Warren plus the Radio schematics book that was donated by Jim Lynne. The magazines and books of Diane’s can be purchased by donation to the club or they can be checked out. Kendall said he would bring them to our next meeting on the 12th so that you could have a chance to look them over. There are lists by name and number. Thanks to Kendall and his boys, and a big thank you to Diane Warren for thinking of us.

Friday Night Hangar Movie

CAF Jayhawk Wing Friday Night Hangar Movie

– Every Third Friday Of The Month –
2560 S. Kessler, Wichita, Kansas

Merry Christmas

January 18, 2008

MV Photos from Bosnia & Herzegovina





These are photos of military vehicles in Bosnia & Herzegovina sent by an overseas member of the Arkansas Chapter.

Upcoming Events

Dave Billings invited us to participate in the Cherokee Strip Land Rush celebration on December 8th in Arkansas City, Kansas. They would like to have WWII vehicles but Dave said any era vehicle would be welcome.

On January 5th, Mr. Horning of the radio station is hosting the Big Boys Toy Show. If you bring your military vehicle it will be free. It will be held at Century II in Wichita.

Also, on Memorial Day weekend of 2008, The Peabody Main Street Association in Peabody, Kansas is inviting our club to participate in a parade and display. They have booked the Cessna big band, some biplanes and will have a meal.

Our Christmas dinner this year is at Ryan’s Restaurant, where we have been a couple of times, but with booking problems it was the best choice. It will be a buffet so we can have our choice of food and more quickly. It will be on Saturday, December 8th at 7 PM.

Military Veterans License Plates

For any of you who have served the military during any of the following wars you are eligible to obtain a license plate with the designation of “Vietnam Veteran” for a fee of $4.75 and annual renewal of that tag for $3.75. You must present your DD214 form with the dates of service and your current registration for the vehicle you wish to license.

The eligible wars are:
World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Gulf War 1991
Desert Storm
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Any other Iraqi engagement there has been

Remember you must have a DD214. If your renewal is not due, I think you can get a rebate on the remaining time left on your current registration.