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No Meeting in November

I’m sorry, but there are so many things going on this month for a club meeting to happen, so the officer’s decided to have a short meeting before our Christmas dinner in December. I will get back with you on the date. It will possibly be the first weekend.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing you in December!

~ Gary, Judy, Marilyn and Kendall


September 13, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Present: Marilyn Decker, Brenda Loper, Kendall Lundy, Bill Morris, Jim Lynne, Dave Billings, Judy and Gary Cross, and Greg Hoopes.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim Lynne and the prayer was given by Gary Cross. The meeting was called to order by our President, Dave Billings.

Judy Cross read the minutes of the last meeting and Jim made the motion to accept the minutes and Gary seconded.

Brenda Loper gave the Treasurer’s report. Gary made a motion to accept the report and it was seconded by Marilyn.

New Business: Marilyn Decker reported on some events coming up. On the 27th of September, there is a Conway Springs parade. There will possibly be several vehicles from our club attending; Tholen, Lynne, Hoopes, and Deckers. Also on the 27th is the Ft. Riley Apple Days. On October 11th is the Rose Hill parade, Haven and Maize parades. On October 25th is the Arkalalah parade in Ark City. On Saturday, November the 8th is the Veterans parade in downtown Wichita and also in Newton on the 9th. Then of course our clubs Christmas dinner in December.

Old Business: We talked about the inventory that we took at the Kansas Military Museum in Augusta. There aren’t a lot of large things except the tents, which aren’t ours exactly; they were loaned to us indefinitely. So, we talked about finding another place to store the small amount of inventory so we wouldn’t have to go back and forth to get things for our rally. The bomb trailer and the bomb grill will be stored, after the rally, in Jason Smith’s back yard under cover, which Jason volunteered his space. That way we can work on them when we need to. Dave Billings made a motion to pay dues for another year to the KMMH and it was seconded by Bill Morris.

Judy passed around the new brochures, with some changes. We have 250 of them and can be handed out at our rally and other events.

We had a large discussion about our rally on October 4th. The Huey is coming in on Thursday and others are setting up on Friday afternoon. The vendors will come in early on Saturday morning. The Kansas Air Museum is hosting our event with a “KAMtastic day” with static displays and tours. They are charging $3.00 a person at the gate and $1.00 will go to our MKMVPA. They will provide the Porta Johns. Our food vendor will have a good supply of different foods for breakfast and lunch. GI Rose Army Surplus is lending us her PA system and Dave Brubaker is setting it up, with Jim Lynne as our announcer. In lieu of trophies it was decided to give dash plates that look like vehicle data plates to each participant. There will be a Peoples Choice award given.

Other Business: For show and tell, Jim Lynne showed us his pictures of their Alaskan trip, Judy showed pictures of the Portland convention and train trip and Gary passed around a book of the 14th Air Service Group and 987th Signal Company reunion that a member of the Signal Company, Wayne Wong, gave to him at a speech he gave.

Meeting adjourned at 11 a.m. with a few going to Walt’s for lunch. Our next meeting will be at our rally before we open at 9 a.m.

Judy Cross, Secretary

September 13 Meeting Agenda

September 13, 2008
Mid-Kansas Military Vehicle Preservation Association
Meeting Agenda

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance —————————————–Led by Chuck Loper

Meeting called order ——————————————————-Dave Billings

Minutes of the last meeting ———————————————–Judy Cross

Treasurer’s Report ———————————————————-Brenda Loper

Guests and New Members

New Business

Old Business

* Rally business
* Inventory taken
* New Brochures

Inventory Meeting at KMMH in Augusta

We are going to meet at the Augusta Museum on August 23rd to take inventory of our club supplies and see what we need to take to the KAM for the rally. Please, whomever has any input on the Rally, come to this days meeting. We will pass out Rally flyers and new brochures. We will meet at 9 am.

MKMVPA Officers


This Saturday, we are meeting at the Decker’s house in Newton for our club meeting. That’s 1217 Grove Street at 3:30 pm. The parade starts at 6 pm downtown. Bring your military vehicle and let’s go parading!

On August 9th, is the 121st Old Settlers Grand Parade in Halstead at 10 am. We will meet on West Sixth at 8:30 am.

Any questions? Please contact Marilyn and Ron at 316-283-7618 or

July 12 Meeting Minutes

Present: Judy and Gary Cross, Marilyn Decker, Richard Goldberg, Gary and Mary McBeath, Chuck and Brenda Loper, Kendall Lundy, Jim Christy, Greg Hoopes, and Larry Tholen.

Prayer and pledge of Allegiance was led by Chuck Loper and the meeting was called to order by Gary Cross at 9 a.m.

Judy Cross read the minutes of the last meeting and Jim Christy approved with Brenda Loper seconded. The report was approved by the members.

Brenda Loper gave the Treasurer’s report. Larry Tholen made a motion to approve and Jim Christy seconded. The report was approved by the members.

New Business: There was a discussion about the bomb trailer that is now at the Augusta Museum and decided to ask Dave Brubaker or Brad Wise to take a digital picture of it so everyone can see what we are talking about. There has been a lot of work done on it but still needs to be finished.

There was a long discussion about our upcoming Rally on October 4th. We are going to talk to Sally Luellen of the KAM and see if they are still planning on having their open house the same Saturday. We would still like to have the Tornado Alley Young Marines help and also serve food. Also, the JJ’s Snack Shack. Larry mentioned having a 50/50 pot to raise some money and Chuck is going to ask the SGM Canine to come to the rally.

Richard is checking on all the military services to participate. Jim Christy said we could have a tent sale or garage sale to get donations and that 10% would go to the MKMVPA.

We will ask GI Rose to come, and ask if we could borrow her sound system as last year. Gary Cross will call for the Porta Potties. Brenda will advertise on radio stations and flyers will be handed out. The Military Vehicles magazine has our rally listed on their calendar. We will also contact the re-enactors. Gary Cross and Richard Goldberg will help coordinate.

The Cross’ are having our 4th annual ice cream party on July 27th. Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. We hope to have a lot of members and family attend.

Old Business: We still need to get an inventory of our supplies at the Augusta Museum. So we are meeting at the Augusta Museum on August 23rd at 9 a.m. So bring your pencil, paper and a strong arm to move stuff around. Shouldn’t take too long.

Concerning our new business cards, no one volunteered to design one, so Greg Hoopes said he would send a sample of the one he made so we can all make our own and cut them out.

Marilyn Decker reported on events coming up and there is a Big Bird fly-in of model airplanes that Jim Christy reported on July 19th. Also, the Strother Field event between Winfield and Arkansas City that Billings mentioned. Also, the El Dorado all military event at the El Dorado Lake. On July 27th is the Ice Cream Party and on August 2nd is the Newton parade at 5:30 p.m. On August 9th is the Halstead parade and August 14 through 16th is the National Convention in Portland, Oregon, in which Judy and Gary is going to attend.

Other Business: For show and tell, Kendall showed us a boxed model of an M38A1 that is hard to find and a comic book that his Father had that is military related and shows vehicles that are drawn to specs. Richard showed us his collection of his Father’s medals and memorabilia and he is still trying to acquire three more medals that he couldn’t find.

Meeting adjourned at 11 a.m. to have lunch at Walt’s. Our next meeting will be on August 2nd at the Newton parade. We will meet at Marilyn and Ron Decker’s house at 1217 Grove Street in Newton at 3:30 p.m.

Judy Cross, Secretary

Meeting Reminder

Please come to our meeting on Saturday the 12th at 9 AM. There are some things we need to discuss and we would like your input and wit!

Kansas Aviation Museum, 2nd floor. 3350 S. George Washington Blvd.