What is the MKMVPA?
The Mid-Kansas Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MKMVPA) is a charter member of the international organization called the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA). MKMVPA is located in Wichita, Kansas. Our organization consists of members from all the surrounding communities for about a 150 mile radius.

What is it that you guys do?
We own and restore ex-military vehicles. The equipment can be virtually any vehicle employeed by any military from any period of history.

You mean I would not be limited to only US military vehicles?
No, any military vehicle from any nation is acceptable. US vehicles are more readily available so they are the predominant nation represented, but that is not a restriction.

Do you have to own a military vehicle to belong to the club?
No! While some clubs insist that you must, we do not. We feel that the experience of owning a military vehicle is great but individuals who currently do not own any military vehicles are welcome to join the MKMVPA. Ultimately, you as a member will want to have one of your own. We realize this process has to start somewhere and what better place than the fellowship of other club members.

What about my family, can they participate as well?
Absolutely! We think that the fun of MV experience can and should be shared with your family. We have a lot of family participation and would not have it any other way. This includes the kids!

I don’t know anything about fixing any of this stuff, is it hard?
Depending on the vehicle it can be, but there is a great deal of knowledge within our club and the members have a lot of resources available to them to help resolve problems. As stated, this club is like a fellowship. We try hard to look out for each other and help and support where we can. Overall, the vehicles available to someone just starting out are not that hard to maintain.

How much money does it cost to get a vehicle?
A difficult answer to give in a short paragraph…. A vehicle can be very expensive or very cheap. It depends on how intact it is, what size it is, whether it is a truck, jeep, tank…. All of these things factor in. This is where the club members’ collective experience and knowledge can help you and one of the reasons we think it is a good thing to join before you spend hard-earned dollars.

Tank? What is that about a tank?!
Yes, you can even own a tank or half-tracks. Tanks tend to be expensive. Expensive to operate and maintain, as well as costly to transport because you seldom drive them to where you want to exhibit. But yes, it is possible to own a tank, from several different countries as a matter of fact, and they are already here in the states.

Aren’t you guys just a bunch of militia nut-jobs?
Absolutely not! Many of the club members are veterans of military service and our mission is to preserve and present the history of military vehicles. That is the club motto: Preserving history! We feel that history is important and that preserving the vehicles lends to keeping the history alive.

I don’t like a bunch of politics… Do you guys do that stuff?
Not really. We follow Robert’s Rules of Order like any club you might be involved in, but we like to keep it simple and to a minimum. We would rather play with our vehicles than play politics.

Do you meet all year?
Yes we do, currently the meetings are every second Saturday at 9:00 AM, at the Cross’ residence. Please call (316) 943-8911 for the exact location of the next club meeting.

Do you do anything besides meet and go to parades?
Sure we do! We also do equipment displays at various public functions as well as host our own vehicle rally. We also have work days to help each other with vehicle maintenance and we have parties and other outings. We like to have a good time!

I’m sold! Where do I join?
The easiest way is to come to a meeting and join, but you can also send your membership in the mail to:

PO BOX 771541

Click here for additional information on how to become a member.

4 responses to “FAQ

  1. Just wanted to thank you folks for helping us get the word out about our FREE FRIDAY NIGHT HANGAR MOVIE.

    Our next movie night is September 21, 2007 and we wanted to extend a courtesy of FREE pop corn to any MVPA – Kansas member at the movie.

    Just find me, Col Herb Duncan, and we will load you up! You and your whole family!! Just identify yourself as a member of your organization.

    If there is any way we can be of service or support, please contact me at duncanenterprises@gmail.com.


    Col Herb Duncan

  2. Was wondering if you guys could send me in the right dircetion.I have a 1966 m-37 for sale,didn’t want to scrap it.It has good hard top and body{motor doesn’t run}.

  3. Was wondering who i needed to contact about the flights for 75 dollars i read about in the wichita eagle. Please let me know who i can call and make an appointment for my father, thanks

  4. Henry R. Olivarez

    I have friend who has a 1953 Airforce crash truck for sale.Body is made by ACF-Brill Motors. Built on a cab & chassis configuration of M-36.I think this would be M-56. It has a power take-off winch & generator and ladder rack on top. It does start and run ,but needs a little wiring work. It is blue in color and the body I’m told is aluminum. Wants to sell because of health reasons.

    Thanks Henry

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