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1942 Burma Jeep

For Sale or Trade: 1942 Burma Jeep

This is a 1942 Burma Jeep showing 22,000 miles, which is probably
correct. All gauges clean, no rust except lower wind shield frame,
all plaques are on truck, pack rats chewed all wire and belts on
motor, still blue paint on motor, full of oil, only alteration I can
see is the bed has been widened. $4000 or TRADE.

Contact Bill Payne, Dardanelle, AR
Business 479.229.4764
Home 479.229.3173
Mobile 479.964.9613


1942 Dates Willy’s Jeep Texas Titled




Excellent condition 1942 dated Willys jeep. Starts, charges, drives very well. Turn key, ready to drive and enjoy jeep.

It has very good military NDT tires. Has a summer Beachwood canvas top, all top bows, new seat cushions, pioneer tools, rear seat, etc.

The body on this rig is about as near to perfect as one would find, never having any filler, dent or panel replacement.

Its actually one of the rebuilt hotchkiss/WW2 models imported years ago, and it carries a 42 dated TEXAS tile with it. However, the jeep looks IDENTICAL to an early ww2 model in all respects.

For those not in the know, after ww2, Willy of France (WOF) took many used and abused ww2 model jeeps and put them thru a rebuild process where as they reinforced the frames, added new bodies, and rebuilt all components and added 24 volt systems to them. Basically they upgraded the 40’s technology to (at the time) more modern 24 volts, etc. In fact, mine still has the original frame zinc tag in place proving its a original willys jeep frame.

Included would be a pedestal, side step MG mount complete with yoke and pins, as well as a dummy 30 cal browning MG. This MG is alone worth 800-900 dollars, as its a demill, all internals function, handle cocks, engages, etc. I will even throw in a foot or so of WW2 dated dummy 30 cal ammo and a 30 call ammo box for show to the new owner.

Price for this turn key, ready to drive and enjoy jeep is only $10,500.
If you do the math, taking the 800-900 dollar gun and 300-400 dollar
mount and all, one is buying the jeep itself for around only 9K.

NOTE** the pictures I haver attached are a bit old, not showing the shovel and axe, or the new canvas cushions or top. They are NOW on the jeep.

If anyone is serious, I can take more pictures. It’s currently garaged at
my cabin in Oklahoma. Tags still TEXAS, as is title and registration.

Dave Austin

Hummer Wheels — SOLD!

16.5 Hummer Wheels with the run flat option — all 4 for $150
Don Weston, 620-200-1010

Jeep Wheels — SOLD

16″ Jeep Wheels, $20 each.
Don Weston

M38A1 For Sale – SOLD



1952 willys m38a1 covered in multiple coats of olive drab coved with multiple coats of fire truck red. Everything that can be removed (top, back seats, extra fuel can, spare tire) is gone. Both the front seats are there. I recovered the bottom of the drivers seat with vinyl a few years ago, the rest are the original canvas. The body is in good shape, a little rust in the floor pan and underneath, and there are a few dings and dents, but nothing major. It was stored
inside since I’ve had it, and most of the time by the township that owned it previously, where it was used to carry a mosquito fogger.

This year I put in a new thermostat, but the temp gauge will read hot so maybe a sending unit or a wire may need help. The front right wheel will lock up sporadically from a stop, not while
moving. If I drive around in reverse for a bit it seems to free itself for a while, but I haven’t been able deal with it properly.

The motor ran last spring, and I have no doubt that it will start after the batteries have been charged, both of which I also got new last spring. Just before I purchased it it got new military mud/snow tires and windshield.

I am the first non government owner, got it from a township auction and intended to play with it, but I just don’t have the time, cash or knowledge. In my opinion it would make a good parade vehicle with not too much effort and some paint, or be a candidate for a restoration, as what is there is in good shape for its age. I will email you some pictures of it later this week. It is located in south central kansas.

Matt Wineland

1961 Dodge, M37B1

My name is Kevin McIntyre. My neighbor is trying to sell his 1961 Dodge 3/4 ton 4×4, personnel cargo carrier, M37B1. It has the 6 cylinder in line motor and has been restored to 100% with military issue parts. If you know anyone that is interested please pass the info along. I have some pictures I could email to them, thanks for your help.

Kevin McIntyre

Jeep Trailer For Sale — SOLD!

Don Weston has an army jeep trailer (not sure what year) in very good condition for sale. The trailer has no rust holes and very little surface rust inside. $400.00 takes it home.

Contact: Don Weston