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A New Year Message from the President

Happy new year, everyone. Hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and all are well. I can’t believe that another year has zoomed by. Did you get to run your military vehicles around in the snow? I look forward to that every year.

I finally got a fuel pump replaced on the deuce. For those of you who don’t know, during our Arkalalah parade in October, what I thought was oil trailing us during the parade, was actually gas pouring from the fuel pump. Oops! Well, it’s been sitting in the shop ever since. Now maybe I can drive it in the next snow.

Now onto club stuff. At our next meeting, I would like to discuss having a trail ride this spring or early summer. Gary and Judy have graciously offered the use of their property at Eureka. Let’s see what we can come up with and have some fun. I know a lot of folks just drive to and from displays and parades but would love to see what it would do on a trail. Think about it.

Next event will probably be at the Big Boys Toy Show in January. We haven’t been contacted yet, but if anyone is interested let Judy or Marilyn know so we can tell them how many.

Also if someone has a project going on maybe they would like to share their pics and busted knuckles with us on the newsletter.

Just some ideas to throw around. Hope 2009 will bring better times and everyone have a safe new year.



McBeaths Overseas

These are addresses for Gary and Mary McBeath’s sons over seas if you would like to send cards:

LCPL McBeath, Courtney L.
CLB 5 Co. Det 1 Unit 42236
FPO AP 96426-2236

LCPL Hammar, Nathaniel L.
MWSS 273 MTOPS Unit 78555
FPO AE 09502-855

Club Christmas Dinner

What a great time we had at our Christmas dinner at the Hometown Buffet. 20 people showed up and we enjoyed talking and eating. Thanks to everyone for coming.

Also, if anyone has an advertisement, a need for parts or vehicles or has something they would like to share, please send it to me for the January newsletter. I will be sending it out in December, so will need your input by Christmas.


A Word from Our President

Hi to all. Whew!! We just completed our 6th annual rally and although it was a little smaller than previous years, I feel that it was a big success. Next year, we need more input from the membership to make it bigger and better. A lot of work goes into this project and the more help we get, the better. New ideas will help. Our expenses for the club were less this time and we earned around $250, but the personal expenses for all the members and spouses who were involved went up greatly this year. We need to get some input on how we can possibly reduce personal expenses but continue to grow the rally.

A big thank you goes to Lon Smith, KAM director and staff, GI Rose Surplus Store for the PA system, McConnell Air Force Honor Guard, Kansas Museum of Military History for the Huey display, and JJ’s Snack Shop for the good groceries. Personally, I want to thank Jim Lynne for the fine job of emcee; Dave Brubaker for the PA connections; Steve Canaby and Brad Wise for helping deliver the Huey; Gary, Judy and David Cross, and Jason and Sharon Smith for all their running around; Ron and Marilyn Decker, Chuck and Brenda Loeper, Jim Christy, Kendall Lundy and family for their help in setting up and tearing down; Richard and Diane Goldberg for their great display and help; Bill Morris and the rest of the members that took time to help set up a display or bring a vehicle. I also want to thank Diane Warren for keeping our thoughts and memories of Bob and their involvement in this club for the past years. We miss him. I hope I haven’t left anybody out. If I did, thump me in the forehead and I’ll mention you next time. And if you don’t hit me too hard, I might buy you a Walt’s burger.

Dave Billings
MKMVPA President

MKMVPA Received First at the Newton Parade

I finally received the results of the Newton Parade late Friday afternoon, August 15. The MKMVPA Club got a Blue in the Cars & Trucks–Classic, Show and Car Clubs Division. As we approached the announcer’s stage he said, “Here are members of the Mid-Kansas Military Vehicle Preservation Association out of Wichita. Say that three times.” He commented on appreciating that we
made the effort to come out even with the price of gas.

Jason had signs on his jeep indicating that it was restoration in progress. The announcer commented on that and asked him what kind it was.

Ron and I have been participating in this parade or watching it for many years and this was one of the
best. We had more entries than last year, not including the political ones. And even though it was
very hot there were more people out to watch the parade than we’ve seen for a long time.

Thank you to Gary and Judy Cross and Jason, Sharon, Katelynn and Cooper Smith for coming to participate. We enjoyed having you here.

Marilyn and Ron

Thank You to Club Members

I would like to thank Joe Rankin and Jim Lynne for making it to the fly in. Including myself, we had 5 vehicles to show, including the unveiling of my 42 CCKW, minus doors, bed and fire extinguisher. We had a great time and got to see a BT-13 trainer that was used at the base. There were about 40 show cars and 20 planes. As for us, we relaxed in the shade and answered lots of questions. Thanks again guys, for giving up a Saturday for our club.

This Sunday we have our ice cream social at Gary and Judy Cross’ house at 2 pm.. Please try to make it as we invited the new KAM Director. It would be a good chance to meet him and discuss the upcoming rally.

Dave Billings

Business Card Design Contest

We are wanting to get our MKMVPA business cards made, so we can hand them out at our events or to people that are interested in military vehicles. We are wanting all of you to send in a design with our logo and the national logo on it and with our P.O Box and web site. The officers will select the winner. Be creative.

NOTE: Deadline for submissions is August 1, 2008.