Inventory at the KMMH

Update of our inventory at the Kansas Museum of Military History: We received an e-mail from the Museum Board requesting MKMVPA to remove all property that is being stored in the container at the museum, except for the tents, which will be picked up by the original owner. We have 45 days to have it removed.

Thanks to Jim Lynne, Jason Smith and Ron Decker, for taking their trailers and pickup’s to Augusta this morning and picking up all the inventory and the bomb trailer and hauling it to Jason’s for storage. The bomb trailer is being stored in Smith’s back yard, awaiting a work day, with the bomb grill (under cover) and the other part of the inventory is stored in Jason’s Mother’s garage with other military trailers.

We enjoyed displaying our vehicles at the Big Boy’s Toy Show today. While Jim, Jason, and Ron were working, Gary, Judy, and Marilyn stayed with the vehicles until they arrived.

All in all we got a lot accomplished.

~ Judy Cross

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