1952 M38A1 Army Jeep

I have decided to sell my 1952 M38A1 Army Jeep. This Jeep is all original except for recent paint and new seats. Also, the tires and batteries are almost new. It runs and drives great. It comes with new seat cushions for the rear, but I don’t have the rear seat frame. The selling price is $5,000.00.

Thank You, Don Weston
dowest@hbcomm.net 620-200-1010


2 responses to “1952 M38A1 Army Jeep

  1. I am very interested in the Jeep unfortunately I have just moved into a new home and my wife would kill me if I bought this without having got the house together. Please keep me info’d as I would like to see if I can get one of the organizations I am attached to consider purchase for parade use. Regards, Mark
    Mark Donald, US Navy SEAL – Retired
    Navy Cross Recipient
    Board Member Legion of Valor

  2. Do you still have jeep??? Thank you

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