M38A1 Willys Jeep For Sale

YEAR: 1953
V.I.N. 53-32782
MILEAGE: 41,059 (Original)
ASKING PRICE: $15,500 Cdn. Dollars

REMARKS: This Antique Military Vehicle has been Maintained in its Original Configuration to Represent a Period in History. All of the hard to find Fittings have been located and installed to complete this look. It is stored in a Carpeted Garage and driven only on Special Occasions.

Complete Description, Specifications, and Photos most available upon request.

Contact: Ken Barratt
Phone: 905-852-9400 (Residence)
Email: darsheabarratt@sympatico.ca


2 responses to “M38A1 Willys Jeep For Sale

  1. send pictures

  2. i am looking for a fuel pump for a 53 m38 a1 i have no core it is missing do you have any sources?

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