TMC Convoy

Dear Friends,

I had an interesting phone call today, Saturday, and wanted to share part of our conversation with you.

Craig called me because he saw my name on one that had registered to go on the TMC convoy. I am only traveling from the Indiana/Illinois line into Nebraska, 500 plus miles. Craig is in the Northern Illinois chapter of MVPA and he wanted to extend his help in anyway possible in making it possible for me making the convoy.

He is going and driving an M35A2, duce and 1/2 truck. He said they are taking a lot of MV parts to repair most anything that breaks. He said the 100% of his chapter is going. He also commented that they have 10 WLS motorcycles. They can also load up a jeep on a 2 1/2 truck and carry it to where ever for repairs if they can not fix it. He said there will be good camping sights but one point in Illinois that I am looking forward to is, Rochelle. He said there will be tanks, half tracks and all sorts of other heavy vehicles there waiting. It will be an overnight stop and will have electric, portapotties, showers, and etc. waiting.

He was telling me about one guy that is going and planning on driving his WLA, Harley Davidson MC from Washington to San Francisco. He is 81 and actually travelled Europe with Patton and the 3rd Army on his WLA. He either drove it or strapped it to a side of a tank.

He said thru Illinois we will have a police escort with not stopping.

I hope you are planning on going. If you need help getting your vehicle up north, give me a call and I will tell you some of our plans.

If you want to see more info about this chapter in Illinois look at there website: It is very enjoyable.


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