A New Year Message from the President

Happy new year, everyone. Hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and all are well. I can’t believe that another year has zoomed by. Did you get to run your military vehicles around in the snow? I look forward to that every year.

I finally got a fuel pump replaced on the deuce. For those of you who don’t know, during our Arkalalah parade in October, what I thought was oil trailing us during the parade, was actually gas pouring from the fuel pump. Oops! Well, it’s been sitting in the shop ever since. Now maybe I can drive it in the next snow.

Now onto club stuff. At our next meeting, I would like to discuss having a trail ride this spring or early summer. Gary and Judy have graciously offered the use of their property at Eureka. Let’s see what we can come up with and have some fun. I know a lot of folks just drive to and from displays and parades but would love to see what it would do on a trail. Think about it.

Next event will probably be at the Big Boys Toy Show in January. We haven’t been contacted yet, but if anyone is interested let Judy or Marilyn know so we can tell them how many.

Also if someone has a project going on maybe they would like to share their pics and busted knuckles with us on the newsletter.

Just some ideas to throw around. Hope 2009 will bring better times and everyone have a safe new year.



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