MVPA Convention in Portland, Oregon

We just got back from the MVPA Convention in Portland, Oregon. We went on the train and the scenery was beautiful! Coming from LA to Portland, we had the mountains on one side of the train and the ocean on the other side. We went through the Redwood Forest and coming back Sacramento, Salt Lake and Denver, we went through the Rocky Mountains. 9,000 feet above sea level. We are still a little shaky.

The convention was great. They had 158 vehicles on display, 367 vendors, 591 people registered of which 314 were members. At the members meeting it was mentioned that we now have 8,736 members in the MVPA in which we want be at 10,000 to be in the black. We met with members from; Japan, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Holland, Scotland and others. The banquet and auction was fun and a lot of people dressed in uniforms. The Hotel Red Lion Inn at Jantzen Beach, was a beautiful large hotel and the shuttle took us every where we wanted and came every 30 minutes to the Expo Center. Next year it will be in Indiana and in 2010 it will be in Colorado.

I’ll have pictures to show as soon as I can get them developed. – Judy and Gary

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