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Correction to the Meeting Minutes

There is a correction to the April 19th minutes: Instead of our May meeting at the Ks. Museum of Military History in Augusta, the June 14th meeting will be at the KMMH to coincide with the Open House.

Our May meeting will still be at the Air Museum.

Sorry about that. – Judy


Meeting Minutes

Mid-Kansas Military Vehicle Preservation Association
Meeting Minutes – April 19, 2008

Present: Judy & Gary Cross, Chuck & Brenda Loper, Marilyn and Ron Decker, Richard Goldberg, Gary and Mary McBeath, Kendall Lundy, Clark Brubaker, David Brubaker, and David Billings.

Pledge Allegiance and prayer was led by Chuck Loper and the meeting was called to order by Dave Billings at 9:15 a.m.

Judy Cross read the minutes of the last meeting and Marilyn Decker made a motion to approve with Dave Brubaker seconded. The report was approved by the members.

Brenda Loper gave the Treasurer’s report. Richard Goldberg made a motion to approve the report and Marilyn Decker seconded. The members approved the report.

New Business: Judy and Gary Cross reported on selling some MKMVPA supplies at the Tulsa Gun Show and turned in $58.00 to the Treasurer.

Clark Brubaker made a patriotic Eagle figurine and donated the money that it brought in to the rally for this year. Kendall Lundy was the lucky winner. Clark will be making more figurines every month and donating the winnings to the rally. He will bring them to our meetings every month.

Gary Cross brought up an idea of having business cards made for our club, so we can have something to hand out to people at events. Judy will check with Jet Printing on prices.

Old Business: The events that are coming up were discussed. Lynne’s and Cross’ are going to Arkansas for the Red Ballin Express convoy, so Jim won’t be at the Winfield KANZA days, but would like some of the vehicles to participate. That’s on May 3rd.
The All-School parade in McPherson is on Friday May 9th at 9 a.m. Gary McBeath and Richard Goldberg would like for us to participate if we can. The VA 75th Anniversary Jubilee is on Saturday, May 17th. We have around 9 vehicles signed up so far. On May 26th, Memorial Day, we will be at the Resthaven Mortuary for a display and afterwards we eat at the Sonic Drive-in on Maple. On June 14th is the Ks. Museum of Military History in Augusta Open House from 9 a.m. til 4 p.m. Strother Field fly in will be held on July 8th and Dave Billings is the contact person.

We also discussed the change to be made in Articles of Incorporation, to read ‘educational club’, so it will match the by-laws. Also, Brenda reported that we are exempt from income tax now but need a Kansas exemption. Dave Billings said we need to make out an inventory of our club property and a general inventory of what we have to sell.

Other Business: Mary McBeath will have major surgery on Monday the 21st, at Wesley Hospital in Wichita. Jim Christy had knee surgery several weeks ago and is getting along great.

For show and tell, Kendall showed us a 37mm casing and is looking for more of them.

Gary McBeath made a motion to move our May meeting to the Kansas Museum of Military History in Augusta to coincide with the Open House, on May 10th. It was seconded by Dave Brubaker.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m. to eat at Walt’s.

Judy Cross, Secretary

For Sale Items by Tom Gage in Arkansas

I have a pile of M37/M43 sheet metal, engine, and drive train parts. I also have a pioneer tool trailer that I am interested in selling. Please insert the following ads in the newsletter.

M37/M43 parts. Hood, lt and rt doors, lt and rt front fenders, inner fenders and radiator surround, two rear fenders, many engine parts, two transmissions, several bell housings, and 24 volt starter. $300.00 for the lot.

Pioneer Tool Trailer. Straight Sheet metal and nearly new tires. No rust. Painted desert camo. $1150.00.

Contact Tom Gage, 870-294-5587.