1941 Dodge WC-1 1/2 Ton Pickup

Mark Drennon has a 1941 Dodge 1/2 WC-1 pickup for sale for $3850. If you are interested, call him at 314-852-2783. He lives South of St Louis off Highway 30.

The truck is missing the front winch and tailgate. The bed of the truck has a metal plate instead of the normal boards and metal strips. Body is in good shape with a good coating of rust but apparently no rusted out spots. Seats are springs only. Left door glass missing. No plates on the dash and no title. Does not have MVPA sticker on windshield – yet.

The truck is a closed cab model but there is some question as to that being original. Apparently most of the winch model trucks were open cab and it was not unusual in that era to replace truck cabs. This one has some red paint in it and not having the dash plates would kind of reinforce that opinion – unless the dash has holes drilled for the plates.

The truck has a spare tire and all five rims are dated 1941.

The winch would be available from Sam Werner in Ohio and there is an outfit in Minnesota making replacement tailgates and boards – strips for the bed. The star shows faintly on the hood.

While the military tried a plethora of models in the 1/2 ton pickups, all the pictures I can find of pickups show a closed cab and no winch. The WC1, WC12, WC14 and WC40 trucks differed basically in the engine. They were the Dodge L head six cylinder in 217.7 (T207), 217.7 (T211) or 230.2 (T215) cubic inch engines respectively.

The winch model trucks are open cab and are the WC21 and WC22. Those are 4.19 or 4.86 meters (whatever those are) long respectively but both have the T215 engine

Given that these vehicles went through the motor pool and private hands after the war, you can find any Dodge parts in them and it would be difficult to argue what is “right”. Olive drab paint is a great equalizer. All of the pictures I see show the “Dodge” nameplate on each side of the hood and these are expensive but available from Vintage Power Wagons.

Engine runs with new fuel pump and spark plugs. If you are interested, give Mark a call. His email address is mdrennon@earthlink.net.


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