1952 2 1/2 Ton Military Truck 6×6 has Rockwell Axles

I have a 1952 millitary 2 1/2 ton truck every thing on the truck works fine. This truck has a gas powered inline six cylinder engine, made buy red motors. All 11 tires are good it does have a fuel leak at the tank, an oil leak at the valve cover. It has a rebuilt fuel pump. I bought this truck to use the rockwell axels ( 6.72 to 1 gear ratio ) and belt drive air compressor for a rock crawler. I dont have the time. You could take this and use many parts to build a crawler. You would spend over $2000 for a pair of dana 60 axes this strong. you could use the parts you need and then part out the rest or scrap it for $160 a ton. Take the bed of and make a trailer. Use the frame to make a goose neck. On and on. Or use the truck around the farm, it does have a custom bilt two inch hitch. No title. $2400 cash. I may be able to hual it for a small fee or drive it home. Or take what you want and i’ll make $800 or so scraping the rest. Note I only check my email in the am.

Craig, 816.804.3945

8 responses to “1952 2 1/2 Ton Military Truck 6×6 has Rockwell Axles

  1. Do you have any pictures you could send me? I have been looking for one for some time now.

  2. Do you still have the truck?

  3. How much for just the axles?? Also where are you located??

  4. hello is your truck still for sale and are you still selling the axles?

  5. How much for the axles and are you willing to ship them.

  6. Still for sale and would you trade for a 87 Jeep GW

  7. We have a a database of almost half a million parts from all major off-highway equipment brands, and more than 1,600 parted out machines over the past 25 years, we have the inventory & expertise to find what you need the first time.

  8. I have a 1952 2,5 ton 6X6 in California…in need of major restoration. I have more details and photos, but no mechanical info. There is no engine or much mechanical to speak of. Will sell cheap or trade? for motorcycle? Sport Bike?

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