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Club Patches and Pins are Here!

MKMVPA Patch and Pin

The MKMVPA club patches and pins are now available!

Patches and pins are available to club members for $2 each.

Non-members may also purchase them for $4 each.

Please contact Judy Cross and let her know the quantity of each you would like.


August 11 Meeting Minutes

Present: Judy and Gary Cross, David Brubaker, Bob Wilson, John Bieren, Kendall, Weston and Ashton Lundy, Chuck and Brenda Loper, Greg Hoopes, Ron and Marilyn Decker, Mike Conrey, Larry Tholen, Richard Goldberg, Gary, Brandon and Mary McBeath.

Pledge of Allegiance and prayer was led by Chuck Loper and the meeting was called to order by Richard Goldberg at 9:10 AM.

Judy Cross read the minutes of the last meeting and Dave made a motion to approve the minutes and it was seconded by Brenda Loper. The minutes were approved by the members.

Brenda Loper gave the Treasures Report ending August 11, 2007. Marilyn made a motion to approve and was seconded by Richard. Treasurers Report was approved by the members.

New Business: Judy Cross reported that the patches and pins had arrived and we had a discussion on how much to charge. To the members they will be $2.00 each, but free to new members coming on board. We will charge the public $4.00 each. They turned out nicely and whomever wants some, please let us know. Everyone is encouraged to check the club web site for pictures of the patches and pins.

Ron Decker told us about the water bottle holders we have for sell as Marilyn Decker modeled the holder with bottle. They will be a donation of $2.00 each and have our club name and website on them. We have them packaged up for any of the members to sell, so let us know if you want some.

Judy said that she sent out a “Thank You” to McConnell AFB for inviting us to participate in their open house.

Old Business: Brenda reported on the notification from the 501C3 forms, that we need to fill out some more forms. They said that our Articles of Incorporation did not say anything about being an educational organization, that it was more of a social club. So to save our $300 we need to do all of this in 90 days (extension). We will go ahead and amend the Articles and also talk to a lawyer or person knowledgeable on the subject. We will let the club know when we find something further.

Marilyn reported that the members have only ordered 9 t-shirts, so we decided to table the order of shirts until further notice.

We had a long discussion on the rally preparations. Dave, Brenda and Chuck are going to a KAM meeting on the 16th of August, to discuss where we will park and place the tents and other details. Sharon has food vendors in place, such as hamburgers, brats, nachos, drinks, beef jerky and sandwiches. She also has the Tornado Alley Young Marines performing. Dave Brubaker, Bob Wilson and Brad Wise will have a Viet Nam exhibit and John Bieren’s is checking on having an exhibit of WWII and other reeanactors. Bob Wilson is checking on getting the Air Force National Guard to come and display. Dave Brubaker has started advertising through the media and we have put an article in the Supply Line. Gary has the porta johns lined up and Gary McBeath has started on the signs to put on strategic corners. The actual set-up will be from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM on Friday, September 28th. Kendall volunteered to help pick up the tents at Augusta. Thanks to all for stepping up and helping.

Judy Cross made a motion to adjourn at 11:00 AM and Marilyn seconded. We set up the grill with Ching, Brian and Dave’s help, they cooked hamburgers and hotdogs. Thanks to all for bringing such great food. We had fun talking and eating.

Wings of Remembrance 20th Anniversary

Wings of Remberance will be having their 20th anniversary on October 13. This will be a one-day event. They are looking for three to four vehicles, time 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. There will be a fly-in. The location is the airport at Pawnee and West St (West Port). If interested in attending, please contact Wings of Remembrance at

CAF Jayhawk Wing Open House

CAF Jayhawk Wing Flier

Click here to enlarge the flier.

August 11 Meeting Agenda

Pledge of Allegiance, prayer
Led by Chuck Loper

Meeting called to order
Richard Goldberg

Minutes of Last Meeting
Judy Cross

Treasures Report
Brenda Loper

    New Business

  • Club Patches and Pins
  • Water Bottle Holders
  • “Thank You” to McConnell AFB
    Old Business

  • 501c3
  • T-Shirts
  • Rally
  • Food Vendors
  • Reenactments
  • Porta Potty’s
  • Flyers
  • Huey
  • Store
  • Signs
  • Advertisements – Press Release
  • Friday set-up
    Other Business

Meeting Adjourned with a cook-out immediately after.

Next meeting September 8th.

Augusta Car Rally

There is a very large open car show in Augusta tomorrow. Setup starts at 2 and cars start showing up soon after that. It runs through 10 pm, though cars come and go throughout the event. The event is free and the number of cars present are anticipated to be close to 800 or so.

The city is blocking off State street south of highway 54 and it becomes the exhibit area, all the way down to where state street joins Walnut (Highway 77)

There will be a lot of different food vendors on site. The Huey restoration team will have the chopper out at the north end of State street on exhibit, along with the Huey cafe.

If any club member wants to bring a vehicle and exhibit with the Huey they are welcome to do so. The Huey will be located just a block down State street on the east side of the street, next to the old train stop.