Special Event for Last Vietnam Reunion

I am recruiting 5 individuals for a special activity at the Vietnam Veterans Reunion this year. I have been asked to assemble a “Patrol” of 6 dressed and armed in very accurate uniform and equipment.

The project has been outlined to me and is theatrical in nature. We will be portraying the “Return of the Last Patrol”, symbolizing an end to the Vietnam based focus of the reunion.

There is no compensation for this work, just the satisfaction of doing a good thing for the vets. I am truly honored to have been approached for this project and would like to make it everything they envision. I am taking this one so seriously that I intend to shave my beard off for it!! I have enough weapons to outfit an M60 gunner and an M79 Grenadier and one RT operator (but I need weapons for this trooper). The rest need to outfit on their own. Or we share resources amongst ourselves.

If you are interested, you need to have your own uniform. I have a web page under development, but not yet finished, that you can reference for information about basic uniform and weapons. The link is http://david.brubakers.us/Vietnam/index.htmldue to the content, it loads a little slow, so be patient. Reproduction uniforms (accurate) are approved for this mission. I am at your service for questions and assistance in this.

Please contact me as soon as you possibly can if you are interested in this project, we need to start working on the uniform, weapons and equipment now so we are sure we have it all together and ready for the reunion.

Positions to fill are:
Point man – M16
Radio operator – RTO w/M16
Gunner – M60
Grenadier – M79
Trooper – M16

This team can be expanded to 8 if the response is good enough. Please remember it is important that uniform and gear be as accurate as we can make it. Participants should be prepared to be made to look tired and grungy, possibly one walking wounded.

I thank you in advance for your interests and response.

Dave Brubaker
Owner, M151A2
Member, MVPA and Mid-Kansas MVPA


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