WWII Convoy in Missouri

We had a great time in Missouri on the WWII convoy to Paris. We had 17 vehicles with 72 people and traveled over 148 miles. We started out in Mexico, MO at the Audrain Museum with a police escort and on to the Mark Twain Museum for a tour of the museum. Then to Monroe City where we had lunch at a USO re-enactment with a wonderful high school band and a great lunch of half a chicken or pork steak served from a mess truck with mess kits in hand.

Then on to Paris, MO where we got out and stretched our legs and visited with some young people having a going away party for a friend. They gave us water, then we headed off to Mexico where we had a wonderful dinner of steak and potatoes at the Audrain Museum Society on picnic tables and were served from the mess truck again. We adjourned to get the dust washed off and came back for a dance under the stars, dancing with the music of the ‘Swingin Axes’ from Columbia, MO.

All-in-all, the Railsplitters did a great job with the convoy. The MP’s were professional and Tim Scherrer is planning on next year, all ready. We saw a lot of friends that we had known before, including Pat and Phil Braeger, clear from South Dakota. Hopefully pictures will follow later.

Judy Cross
Secretary, MKMVPA

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