Monthly Archives: April 2007

April Club Meeting Reminder

The MKMVPA club meeting for the month of April will be held on April 14th, Saturday, at the Wichita Aviation Museum on George Washington Blvd.

See you there!

Judy Cross
Secretary, MKMVPA

KC Royals Military Appreciation Day

June 16th, Saturday, is KC Royals Military Appreciation Day!

There will be a static display of military vehicles, both active duty and older MVs. There will also be a flyover of four F22 and F18s and eleven helicopters of various models.

They need to know who will be participating by May 1st. Please email the club officers.

David Brubaker
Member, MVPA and MKMVPA
Owner, M151A2

A Word From Our President

It has been a great experience to lead our group. This past year we have updated our bylaws. And the completion of the paper work for the 501c (3) will be ready to send off this month. With the completion of the 501c, we will be able to get donations from large corporations, such as Wal-Mart.

A total of seven members were awarded the Expert Driver Award, with a total of 9,134 miles driven without an accident. Each received a Certificate and Pin from the National MVPA.

Our members participated in 22 parades in the area. We were unable to attend additional parades due to schedule conflicts. The club did a display for the American Red Cross, as they celebrated 125 years of service. It is exciting to know that the word is being spread about our group!

Our group has printed a new club brochure and Safety Convoy Manual. The National MVPA is interested in our Manual to sell to other MVPA affiliates. A club history is also being started.

We battled the Kansas State Department of Motor Vehicles over the House bill KS-2805 and won. Thank you to everyone who took the time to travel to Topeka! To those who called or wrote their State officials, thank you. Our story was also written up in the National MVPA Magazine.

We saw Brad Wise off to Kuwait for a year and celebrated his safe return.

Our club now has a new address: PO BOX 16513, Wichita, KS 67216. Special thank you to Judy and Gary Cross, Brenda and Chuck Loper for their time and energy! It is time to enjoy our vehicles!

Richard Goldberg
President, MKMVPA